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Win experience points, level up and get amazing rewards

There are lots of actions you can do to level up your Sila Games account. From Buying games to make reviews, your activity on the site will be always remunerated. There are 3 type of actions (areas) that will give you experience points:
Every time you make a purchase at Sila Games, you will receive points in addition to the funds stored in your wallet. The more games you buy, the less they will cost you.
Things are better if you share them with your friends. We're not only an online video game store. We're gamers like you, and we have plans to create a meaningful community. Help us spread the word and get points for it.
There is no better pleasure than the happiness of discovering great games to your friends. With your reviews and recommendations you are making this community a better place.

Three levels with amazing rewards

The higher level you achieve, the best rewards you'll get. Take a look of what you can get with every rank:
LEVEL 1-10
< 10.000 exp. points
Warrior Rank
You’re one of us now. Joining our community will grant you access to lots of services and extra perks:

  • With every purchase, you will get 5% of the amount in your wallet.
  • LEVEL 11-20
    10.000 To 20.000 exp. points
    Lion Rank
    One day all of this will be yours. Everything the screen shows is part of our kingdom. You helped to grow our community, and for that, you deserve better rewards:

  • Get 7% of all your purchases in your wallet
  • Participate in exclusive raffles
  • LEVEL 21-40
    > 20.000 exp. points
    Dragon Rank
    Become the greatest of the dragons hoarding your mighty treasure. Honor and glory are for those who are at this level

  • Earn 10% of all your purchases into your wallet
  • Participate in the legendary exclusive raffles
  • Recurrent actions
    Visit the site on a new day
    50 exp
    Make a review
    250 exp
    Purchase a game
    750 exp
    Purchase a DLC
    250 exp
    Bring a friend to Sila Games
    750 exp
    First time / Bonus actions
    Create an account
    750 exp
    Change profile picture
    250 exp
    Add your first game to your wishlit
    250 exp
    Add your first friend
    250 exp
    Add 10 games to your wishlist
    Extra 500 exp
    Review 10 games
    Extra 500 exp


    Your Sila Games Wallet will let you store credit from past purchases and use it when buying new games. This way the more you buy at Sila Games, the best discounted prices you'll get.
    Buy a game
    Earn money for your wallet!
    Every purchased game will store credit into your wallet up to a maximim of $20/€20/£20.
    You can spend that credit anytime you want to make new games cheaper or even to get free games

    Create an account, increase your level and get amazing rewards

    Discover our amazing rewards program. You can win experience, level up your Sila Games Account, and get exclusive discounts and free games.

    We work with some of the best publishers around the world

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